I was born and raised in a small town in Nebraska and the daughter of a businessman and homemaker. I spent my midwest summers tubing down Long Pine Creek and winters plowing through snowdrifts in my moon boots. In high school, I landed a job as the photographer for the school newspaper. And that’s where my love of photography began.

I learned from the basics of film, darkroom, dodging and burning. I was taught, as you could say, old school. Years later, I got my first digital camera.

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years and a love that developed even stronger when my kids were little and the prize subjects of my photo sessions. To my joy, in 2017, I decided to turn a love into a business and made the leap to become a full-time portrait photographer. Since that time, my work has been featured on websites, book covers, magazines, promotional materials and walls across the country.

Whether it’s families, high-school seniors or business professionals, I love capturing the heart and soul of my clients in pictures! I would love to help you tell your story in pictures!

My Story

...but I cuss a little.


I Love

...especially from my dog Blue.


I Love

...the Greatest Showman is my favorite.


I Love

...it's practically perfect in every way!


I Love

...the fake ones thrive in my home.


I Love

...and known for contagious laughter.

to laugh

I Love

...especially N°5


I Love

...salted caramel is my favorite.


I Love

...especially with girlfriends.


I Love

... Downton Abby is my favorite.

British Television

I Love

The things I love most on this planet are my children and our beloved dog, Blue. My son, Logan, just graduated high school with plans to complete a discipleship training program and serve disadvantaged areas throughout the world. My daughter, Paige, is entering high school and an Open Champion Irish Step Dancer with hopes of one day competing on the world stage.They are my greatest joy. My greatest love. And my reason why. 

Love the Most

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