...but I cuss a little.


I Love

...especially from my dog Blue.


I Love

...the Greatest Showman is my favorite.


I Love

...it's practically perfect in every way!


I Love

...the fake ones thrive in my home.


I Love

...and known for contagious laughter.

to laugh

I Love

...especially N°5


I Love

...salted caramel is my favorite.


I Love

...especially with girlfriends.


I Love

... Downton Abby is my favorite.

British Television

I Love

... the land of the free because of the brave.


I Love

... especially if I win!

Family Game Night

I Love

Christine is a self taught photographer with over 10 years of experience. She has photographed professional athletes, television personalities, professional chefs, authors, families, graduates and so much more!

Christine originally learned the basics of photography using film, darkroom, dodging, and burning. She enjoys enriching her skills and client offerings with continuous education in digital photography.

Photography has been a passion of hers for many years and a love that increased when her children were little and the prize subjects of her photo sessions. To her great joy, she was able to turn a beloved hobby, into a full-time business in 2017. Since that time, her work has been featured on social media, websites, book covers, television, magazines and walls across the country. 

The CLP Story

The things I love most on this planet are God, my family, my friends and the sweetest dog ever, Blue, who rescued us 3 years ago. They are my greatest joy, my greatest love and my reason why.

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Love the Most

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